Terry Farrell
Terry Farrell - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Chase Masterson
Chase Masterson - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Andrew Robinson
Andrew Robinson - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
John de Lancie (Q)
John de Lancie played Q, an omnipotent antagonist from the Q Continuum. John de Lancie continued playing the character in both Deep Space Nine and Voyager.
Michael Dorn
Michael Dorn played Klingon Worf, initially appearing as a junior officer fulfilling several roles on the bridge. When Denise Crosby (Lieutenant Yar) left at the end of the first season, he succeeded her as the ship’s chief of security and tactical officer.

Dorn reprised the role as a regular in seasons 4-7 of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Dorn has made 282 on screen appearances, the most of any actor in the Star Trek franchise.

The Original Cast

The Next Generation Cast